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McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm, deeply committed to helping institutions in the private, public, and social sectors achieve lasting success. For more than 90 years, McKinsey & Company’s primary objective has been to serve as their clients' most trusted external advisor. With consultants in over 130 cities in more than 65 countries, across industries and functions, they bring unparalleled expertise to clients anywhere in the world. They work closely with teams at all levels of an organisation to shape winning strategies, mobilise for change, build capabilities, and drive successful execution.

The mission of McKinsey Academy is to accelerate transformations of individuals, companies and countries by unlocking the potential of people. McKinsey Academy works closely with human resource and business leaders to reimagine their approach to developing leaders and building capabilities across an organisation. Their combination of business and learning expertise uniquely positions them to support both private and public-sector clients.


McKinsey & Company supports the ASF initiative to enhance the management and accountability of not-for-profit organisations.

Together, McKinsey & Company and ASF are offering scholarships to not-for-profit staff to prepare rising talent for the challenge of leading organisations successfully. The following scholarships are available in 2021:

Executive Leadership Program (ELP)

A ‘hands on’ leadership development program that develops self-aware leaders who have the capability and conviction to lead in the age of complexity and disruption. The Executive Leadership Program accelerates the development of senior talent by increasing self-awareness, exploring topics with a diverse faculty of leaders and coaches, and personalising insights within groups of external peers.

There are 30 scholarships available to complete the course, beginning in May 2021.

Key Dates:

Applications have now closed.

Thank you to all our applicants. You'll be notified of the outcome by Wednesday 27 January 2021 via email.

Young Leaders Forum (YLF)

Designed for high potential future leaders with 7-12 years of work experience who are ready to further their leadership skills, the Young Leaders Forum focuses on experiential learning with group discussions, and empowers participants to coach each other so they can reproduce the exercises in their teams.

The Young Leaders Forum provides participants with the necessary skills, ways of thinking, and insights to become a better leader in a world of accelerating disruptive change, by maintaining a radical focus on what is within their control.

There are 70 scholarships available to complete the course, beginning in either June or August 2021.

Key Dates:

Applications opened Wednesday 14 October 2020

Applications will close Tuesday 8 December 2020 at 5pm AEDT

Click here to apply!