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The Australian Scholarships Foundation – ASF - is the only Australian organisation solely focused on funding and facilitating scholarships for Australian not for profit (NFP) directors and staff to undertake education, training  and mentoring programs that improve their ability to lead and manage their organisations.

ASF is the Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Fund of AusSchol Incorporated, an Australian registered charity, ABN 83 420 919 581.

ASF works with a number of Education Partners and Supporters to access and make scholarships available in a growing range of leadership and management training programs. These include post graduate university diploma, certificate and degree courses, short management and other training programs and specialized mentoring services. Disciplines covered include leadership, finance, accounting and risk management, board governance, strategic planning, project management, marketing and social networking. 

ASF does not provide any education and training programs in its own right, although it commissions education providers and private companies to deliver specific programs that meet NFP needs.

Full details, application forms and terms and conditions of current scholarships can be viewed at Current Scholarships Available in “Scholarships” & “FAQs”.

ASF is a proud member of Philanthropy Australia.

Social Innovation with Dan Pallotta

The Way We Think About Charity Is Dead Wrong

One of the biggest challenges we face in the not-for-profit sector is generating financial support substantial enough to cause significant, ongoing change in the community. Why is it that many organisations feel the pressure to feed most of their funding directly to the cause, and keep overhead costs to an absolute minimum – when this is exactly what will enable them to sustain and achieve long-term impact?

Activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta questions the double standard that drives society’s broken relationship to charities, and challenges NFP organisations to do things differently. Too many non-profits, he says, are rewarded for how little they spend – not for what they get done.

“The things we’ve been taught to think about giving, about charity and about the not-for-profit sector are actually undermining the causes we love and our profound yearning to change the world,” he says. “The next time you're looking at a charity, don't ask about the rate of their overhead. Ask about the scale of their dreams.”


SRET - Help for the Helpers

Help for Australia’s disadvantaged is coming from an unlikely source. A major piece of research is hoping to show that money invested in training and developing leaders of community organisations will result in better support for those in need. The first stage of the research has shown a marked improvement in performance where people skill themselves up. (See chart).

SRET Graph

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600,000 NFP organisations contributes nearly 5% to GDP -$41b annually employs nearly 900,000 people attracts 4.6m volunteers
(source: ABS 2006-07 and Productivity Commission 2010)