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Australian NFP Workforce Study

ASF is proud to support the Australian Not-for-Profit Workforce Study, the largest ever research study on and for NFP organisations, and all their employees and volunteers.

Created by the Centre for Social Impact at UWA, the Workforce Study is designed to identify what matters most for making not-for-profit work more developmental, healthy, meaningful, and productive. Everyone in Australia benefits from the great work of our not-for-profit organisations and their people - you.

Paul Murnane, Executive Chair of ASF, says “NFP organisations spend more than half of their expenses on staff, meaning employees and volunteers are simply irreplaceable. Investing in the sector’s people is the single biggest opportunity for greater impact."

Whilst the world is changing and demanding more, the solution isn't to work harder. Instead, so you can continue to adapt and innovate, CSI have used applied science to find ways of working smarter and healthier, for more positive change, and an even better Australia.

We're inviting you and others in your organisation to participate in this important national research. The more people who respond, the more representative and useful the results for growing people, organisations, and their impact.

All findings will be shared, and there are multiple benefits to you and your organisation. By completing the survey, you'll receive FREE analytics on how your role and organisation compare to others in your sector. You'll be able to:

To find out more and to be part of this ground-breaking research, click hereThe survey will be open until 31st October 2017.