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Cast provides outstanding management consultants on a contract or retainer basis to large and medium sized companies. Their clients engage them when they have a need for high calibre consultants; either to assist on projects relating to areas such as strategy implementation, operational excellence and organisational change, or to fill a temporary need for leadership.

Cast care deeply about providing advice and support to clients that have an enduring positive impact on their business. They do this by supplying extremely talented consultants who have relevant expertise and by allowing their clients to engage these consultants flexibly in a way that best meets the client's needs.

In the past, only those organisations with deep enough pockets to access multi-person consulting teams from the top-tier global consulting firms have had access to this calibre of talent. By virtue of its low overhead business model and network of outstanding independent consultants, Cast is able to provide this talent to small and medium as well as large clients, and to provide it in a way that flexes directly with the needs of those clients.