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Melinda Muth, Director, Harvard Club of Australia Philanthropy (HCA)
Melinda Muth

"As a Director of Harvard Club Australia Philanthropy, it is a pleasure to endorse the work of the Australian Scholarships Foundation (ASF). Our organisation is part of the Harvard Club of Australia and we run programs to raise funds to send Australians to a range of programs at Harvard University. Our mission is aligned with the work of ASF and we delighted to have received both scholarship and marketing support from ASF and CEO, Amy Lyden, for our annual Non-Profit Leadership program.

ASF is doing very important work in providing scholarships for education and training of executives in the non-profit sector. The organisation is small and lean and 'punches above its weight' in terms of efficiency and impact. ASF uses technology in innovative ways to communicate with the non-profit sector and to process scholarships efficiently with minimal resourcing. Amy and ASF know how to get the job done."