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SIMON MCKEON (Australian of the Year, 2011)
Simon McKeon
"I'm delighted to endorse ASF and the important capacity building role it performs in a sector so sorely in need of it. I'm passionate about both the not for profit (NFP) and education sectors. Any society, to be prosperous and inclusive, requires both sectors to be in good shape. And I'm delighted to commend ASF because it brings the two together!  ASF fulfills the critical role of ensuring that hundreds of Australian NFPs can access further education, training and development to become more efficient and effective. In 2012, it is particularly pleasing to note the ASF partnership with the Australian-American Fulbright Commission which will enable prestigious international Fulbright Scholarships to be made available to leaders of the Australian NFP sector."

REV. PETER DEVENISH-MEARES, Chair of 4Walls Ltd, Director of Mental Health Assoc. of Qld, Honorary Chaplain of Royal Australian Regiment Assoc. Qld
Peter Devenish-Meares
"As a long term NFP leader and director I wanted to say a huge thank you for the work you do and for courses that you enable and the scholarships that you facilitate. Particularly in times of great change, societal need and enhanced governance these have assisted me to do my three NGO board roles better. Keep up the great work."

TOBY HALL, CEO, Mission Australia
Toby Hall
"The work of the Australian Scholarships Foundation is vital to the non profit sector. For any sector to achieve greatness its people require the best education and training possible. Change in society, change in business and change in the non profit sector is best driven by those who have an excellent education. For too long not for profit organisations have not had enough funding to educate and train their best people to the highest standards possible levels. We fully support the education and training ASF provides to help the sector excel."

ROBERT FITZGERALD AM, Commissioner, Australian Government

"Not-for-profits will need to reassess the skills within their business to cope with some critical challenges facing the future."

ROSALIND STRONG, Chair, Sydney Community Foundation
Rosalind Strong
"Strengthening skills is the most important efficiency in the NFP world and a major way to improve our impact for the various causes we all work for."

DARREN BLACK, CEO, Outward Bound Australia
Darren Black
"ASF is much needed. If we can convince the Government and the Corporate Sector to invest just a small proportion of their spend to support the work of the “Third Sector”, through capacity building rather than pure program funding, then I believe it will advance the output of the social sector significantly."